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[epub] Re: question about
Hi Janet.

On the surface, these folks look pretty shady to me.  Just by virtue of the 
lack of complete contact information, they seem suspect.  I'd also be 
interested in knowing how their customers know that they do what they say 
they are doing.  As far as I can tell, they offer no guarantees or customer 

On top of that, if they are sending unsolicited email to opt-in newsletter 
publishers (who almost always include opt-out information in their 
publications), claiming to represent some unwilling subscribers, it sounds 
to me like a form of marketing their own services that is rather akin to 
the old protection money mom and pop stores used to have to pay in certain 
neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

Publishers are not bulk e-mail marketers, and these people ought to know 
better.  They smell pretty fishy to me, just on a cursory glance.  There 
is, by the way, an August Communications in Canada, but they do not appear 
to be affiliated with these RemoveCentral people.

If I find out anything more from a bit of discreet digging, I'll post it here.


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At 11:52 AM 5/6/02, you wrote:
>Good morning epubbers!
>I'm looking for a couple good sleuths. Got a query from an Ezine-Tips 
>reader about a series of questionable mailings from a list cleaner called 
> , which according to its whois listing is based in Los 

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