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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking
Don't you just love that? eZine publishers claiming their open
rate is better than an average they made up! They probably made
up there own open rate as well. Those statistics would not have
"shocked" me, they would just make me laugh and realize that
eZine publishers are not exempt from false hype and deceptive
practices. I'd put bets that that eZine has way less than 30,000
subscribers too!

David Nice, Editor and Publisher

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From: Sharon & Roy Montero []
Sent: Sunday, May 05, 2002 10:13 AM
Subject: [epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking

Last year sometime we read a statement made by a large Web site
that was selling ads for their eZine of over 30,000 subscribers.

Their claim was that they had an 'open rate' of more than 50%
the national or global average was only around 10%.

We were "shocked" by those statistics and so we went to a few of
the more popular forums to confirm those figures. To our surprise
no one knew the average open rate nor did anyone even care to
us their best educated guess.

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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking Sharon & Roy Montero
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