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[epub] Intro
Hi all,

Thanks to Janet Roberts and E-Zine Tips, I found this discussion list.
My name is Jennifer Feinberg and my husband, Joshua, and I run Small Biz
Tech Talk (
We have a bi-weekly newsletter "Tips" that shows small businesses how to
save money on technical support.
We've just celebrated the one-year anniversary of Small Biz Tech Talk.
Our product line (in other words -- what pays the bills!) is just about due
out -- books, CDs and audio tapes.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself.

Curious -- what's the latest scoop on World Wide Lists (
We've been with them since early April and I cancelled our contract with
them this morning. We're just fed up with their lack of communication. Now
we're looking at -- anyone hear anything

Have a great weekend!

Jennifer A. Feinberg, MBA - Publisher of Small Biz Tech Talk (TM)
What your highly paid PC consultant doesn't want you to know!
Toll Free (866) TECH-EXPERT | West Palm Beach, FL (561) 642-4220

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           50,000 or more! Offer good until 5/31/02.

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