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[epub] Re: Intro - Jennifer

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Hi Jennifer,

I cancelled my association with WorldWide about six months ago
due to the lack of response and every month I had to make a list
up of dups and bad addresses and get credits for them. It just got
too much.

I am now using Hiplists which you asked about as well as ListOpt
for the past three months. I have had no problems whatsoever
with them, in fact I am very happy with there services. I get morning
emails from both with new double opt-in subscribers. Hiplists at is a relatively new service and is in the process of
building traffic to all it's sites. I get a steady supply from them as
they are growing.

ListOpt at
(I am a reseller for them to let you know up front) They have given
me excellent service and I have not had any problems with the
double opt-in subscribers. I became a reseller a while after I started
using their service to make sure that I could recommend them and I do.

Joe Reinbold
The Entrepreneur's Home Business Link

>Curious -- what's the latest scoop on World Wide Lists (
>We've been with them since early April and I cancelled our contract with
>them this morning. We're just fed up with their lack of communication. Now
>we're looking at -- anyone hear anything


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[epub] Intro Jennifer Feinberg
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