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[epub] Filters and rejections

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When I upgraded Eudora to a version that includes a "mood checker" on 
incoming and outgoing emails, the only ones that it flagged were my daily 
Christian prayer letter! I've never really worked out why - I thought first 
that as the writers name is Richard, often signed "Dick", that might be it. 
I also thought that as the word God appears daily, that might trigger it - 
but I've never managed to work out a solution. It doesn't always flag them 
now. At least in my case the mail gets through - but I assume that filters 
on ISP's and mailing list programs work in a similar way.

(Eudora doesn't reject the emails, just puts an icon to let me know if it's 
sensitive - so this can't be the reason for your bounces.)

Dianne Reuby<><


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