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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking
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I'm having difficulties with Eudora (paid version).  For some
reason, some of my email is going straight to trash.  I have put
filters in, but these emails that I found in trash are ones that
should have received a reply, meaning I wouldn't have knowingly
filtered them out.  This is a major goof for me.  Also, people have
tried to email me at Eudora and it didn't come through, then they
sent same message to Outlook and I rec'd it.  I have been with the
support at my server and at my host.  They experimented by emailing
me both places with same results, so something is majorly (a word?
Is now.  :)) wrong.  Please don't ask me to contact Eudora's
support.  I have yet to get a satisfactory answer on previously
submitted problems.  I emailed them Friday again, so we'll see.
Does anyone have a solution?
Thanks.  I appreciate your help.

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[epub] Re: Newsletter Open-rate tracking David Nice
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