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[epub] Re: Contest for New Subscribers

> Actually, I was thinking of $20 gift certificates to an online
> bookstore.  One to be awarded at random to a referrer and one
to a new
> subscriber, only the subscriber would have to stay for at
least a month.

A drawing is a much better idea with a prize such as that. As I
indicated, you could set it up so that the referrer prize is
based on whatever new subscriber is picked for a prize... if you
pick Jack and he was referred by Jill, she would get a prize
also. That would encourage people to refer as many people as
possible each acting as an "entry".

> No way I can afford to do a prize for each person referring
and each new
> subscriber.

Well, you never know... some people don't think it out that far.
( hard to imagine, I know ) Plus, the way you worded your post
made it sound like you wanted to give it to everyone! That's
what the woman in my story did... boy was she sorry! That's why
I warned you... for your own good! Good luck... however you do
it. :)


P.S. I am looking for new users for an ezine joint venture
application. Your account would be free for a long time
( possibly forever ) as I am testing the unpaid version. Visit: Check out D.S.P. and use the
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