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[epub] Re: forum for publishers
On 26 Jul 2002 at 15:31, Michael wrote this Re:[epub] Re: forum for publishers

> Does anyone else know of any more forums covering newsletter
> publishing? I am looking for something that is well moderated
> and, if it exists, a whole message board site that has separate
> forums on the different areas of newsletter publishing.
Howdy Michael and Fellow List Members,

I have just started a message board that is for ePublishers and Authors.
We talk about both ezines and ebooks. There are separate
forums and they are moderated. You can learn more about
my forum by going to:

Thanks and looking forward to seeing you there...

David Hallum
Founder of the ePublisher's and Author's Network (ePAN)
Publisher of The eBook Catalog

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[epub] Re: forum for publishers Michael
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