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[epub] RE: AOL Blocking
Depending on who you use, I get "soft bounces" when AOL ususally doesn't
like my ezine.  Haven't had groups of them in a while though.  What I am
finding, is something that was covered in recent article written by Janet
Roberts, of this list. about SPAM.  Some of my readers and clients have told
me that my ezine or weekly reminder note to them ends up in their SPAM
folder.  (one is sent via yahoogroups, the other

Ask your friend if that is happening to her.  If so, then contact the
company that you use to send your ezine.  If that's you, you may need to
contact AOL to find out how to send your ezine to it's readers.

Maria Marsala
Business and Life Coach-Consultant

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From: Debbie Adams []
Sent: Wednesday, August 07, 2002 3:34 PM
Subject: [epub] AOL Blocking

Hi all -

Is anyone having problems with AOL blocking their ezine?  Three weeks
ago not a single AOLer received my ezine.  I talked to my list server
about it.  Last week they got it.  This week I got a call from my best
friend, an AOLer and she hadn't gotten it again.  I'm getting really
frustrated as AOLers comprise around 10% of my subscriber base and thats
a lot of people who aren't seeing my ads or responding to the articles
and features.

Debbie Adams


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[epub] RE: AOL Blocking
[epub] AOL Blocking Debbie Adams
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