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[epub] Re: Accused of Spam
Tina Clarke writes:
>I receive more spam than proper emails where does he find
the time to contact each one?<

Get a load of a page from his website:

He has clearly painted himself the jackass (reference from his website).
Think how much time he spent writing that unenforceable email page.  Too bad
he didn't spend that time improving the rest of his site so that he could
attract more business.  Of course, he really doesn't want that does he?  His
undeclared mission in life appears to be:  "Don't interact with me!"

He's attempting to control something he'll never be able to control.  Can
you imagine how frustrating and unfulfilling his life is?  He is just
waiting for someone to email him so he can pounce on them.  He is like the
fireman that goes out and sets fires so he has a purpose in life (however

Life is good,
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[epub] Accused of Spam David Herdlinger
[epub] Re: Accused of Spam Tina Clarke
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