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[epub] Need advice on co-registration
Hello epubbers! Anybody awake out there?

Two issues:

1. Is anyone having trouble posting to epub? I haven't gotten a message since September 16. A whole month! If you have been having problems, send a note to and let us know.

2. Assuming that you're all just busy making money on the Internet (!!), I have a question to throw out. I'm looking into the current state of co-registration, having heard about problems from some Ezine-Tips readers. Tell me what you're doing, if anything, with co-registration -- are you using? Did you once and now you're not? Have a really good source, or a real
nightmare experience? What price point do you find usually brings in the best subscribers? What's a good company to work with -- or whom should we avoid?

I'd like to use some answers in Ezine-Tips, but I will contact you privately to ask permission to reprint.

I know a couple of you out there have strong opinions on this issue, so let's hear from you and rev up epub again.


Janet Roberts


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[epub] Re: Need advice on co-registration Tina Clarke
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