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[epub] Copyright infringement - worth bothering?
Hi all,

When checking incoming links to my site a few months ago, I found an article of mine on a site. I found it only because I'd included a link to my site in the main text of the article. The site owner had removed my resource box, used each individual para and inserted paras of their own. English is obviously not their first language, as the style and vocabulary are completely different from mine.

At the time, I thought, "What a cheek - but not much I can do, so why make a fuss?" Every time I check my links I come across this site and get more annoyed! After all, it may be happening with all my other articles, which don't happen to mention my site in the main text.

My question - should I do anything? If so, what? I'm in the UK, and don't have a tame legal advisor, and certainly don't want to enter into the expense of litigation!


Dianne Reuby<><


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[epub] RE: Copyright infringement - worth bothering?
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