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[epub] Blocked ezines
Hi all,

I've recently had a comment from someone that they didn't know they could get my ezine in their inbox, they'd originally unsubscribed because reading on Topica was too slow.

I've read that some ISP's block email, presumably as part of the anti-sp*m campaign - how can I find out more? I've suggested to her that the ezine may be filtered into her trash, possibly because of words or phrases in the ads that Topica insert (this happens to my incoming mail frequently!).

What other reasons are there for ezines not being delivered, assuming the sign-up email address is OK?

(Thanks for the feedback on my copyright query - I'm working my round to sending an email to that webmaster!)

Dianne Reuby<><


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[epub] Re: Blocked ezines Merle's World
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