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[epub] Accessibility WAS Re: Faked email addresses
> Maybe I should send blind and javascript challenged PrivacyNotes
> visitors to my contact form at Website101 and I may add that note near
> those cool new email links.

Ah yes that sounds a good idea .. make sure the form would work for someone who
is blind .. those with js turned off  can easily follow the form.

Are you in those categories yourself or
> just being an email accessibility advocate?

 accessibility advocate :) but I don't jump up and down about it...except when
someone is stupid enough to use a no right click script and even worst give one
out...  .. I'd say sight impaired if you're going to use it in your sig line ...
I'm not one to be politically correct ... but then I get annoyed when I'm called
a ginger head when in fact I'm a redhead <grin>... .if you don't have to annoy
anyone by using the 'wrong' word so to speak it's best not to <grin>

Glad you're thinking about it :) ... Mark of a good webmaster:)


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[epub] Re: Faked email addresses Mike Banks Valentine
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