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[epub] Need input for best practices
Hi Folks:

I have been compiling a list of "best practices" for email publishing over the last few months, and I'm ready to pull it together for an Ezine-Tip, I hope next week. I wrote about it in today's Ezine-Tip :

I'd like to get some comments here on epub (and perchance to be republished in Ezine-Tips with your permission) on what you think "best practices" is in email publishing. I want to go beyond the usual conversation about getting addresses, permission and all that, although that's a key ingredient, but it seems as if everybody talks only about getting addresses and permission and not much about other aspects of email publishing.

So, tell me what you think some "best practices" are for any aspect of email publishing. Send them to the list, not to me, but some of them might end up in E-T (along with your name and URL, of course).



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