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[epub] RE: Need input for best practices
Janet, I have a theory  <VBG>

New Ezines start-up, grow, grow more and suddenly fail.  Following this
there is much analysis about drop out rate, opt-in, double opt-in, examining
competitors, purchasing a list of emails for - well - you have the picture.

I subscribe to any free ezine that seems to offer me something that is not
duplicated by another ezine that I already subscribe to.  Some, I read
immediately when they come in.  Some very few I save for reference after
reading.  Some, I mean to read later and 'stash' them in a 'roundtuit'
folder.  When I get a minute, I do go to the 'roundtuit' folder and scan
what is there.  Any ezine that has 2 or 3 copies in there, and does not have
earthshaking content, I unsubscribe to.

I began noticing last year, that when I unsubscribe, a 'zine generally is in
trouble very shortly after.  I know that I am not all-powerful, therefore, I
must also not be very unique. There have to be a lot of others out there
doing the same thing for possibly the same reaason. I did a 6 mo. survey of
those that I unsubscribed to and why.

I found that almost all of them had left their original purpose and intent.
'Bigger and Better' most of them were, but they no longer filled that small
niche that I had valued them for.  I assume then, that this is a common
reason for unsubs.  And I could see how their sub list got more and more as
they expanded and then the floor dropped out.  (A concrete example:  I use
FrontPage for web sites.  There was an excellent Tips newsletter for
FrontPage Tips.  They have more tips than ever now, but almost 1/2 of the
tips are now relating to Dreamweaver or other software that I do not use.  I
am sure that I could still use their FP Tips - but I do not have time to
wade through verbiage that doesn't apply to my situation.  This one is

So - I would say - Write down a mission statement when you start out.  Refer
to it as you edit your ezine and don't stray from your original intent. (If
you are seeing response and are successful, and you see another need - start
a 2nd 'zine!)

Secondly - always strive for quality content.  Too much 'filler' and 'fluff'
and ads and you will have cancellations.

Third - set a publish time and date and stick to it.  I schedule my week in
my head.  It is not set in stone.  But if an ezine is expected on Friday and
it is not sent until Saturday, I won't see it until Monday, which is my
biggest 'spam delete' day of the week, so guess what happens?

LOL - This may not be the type of response you are looking for!


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From: Janet Roberts [mailto:janet@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 11:27 PM
To: epub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [epub] Need input for best practices

Hi Folks:

I have been compiling a list of "best practices" for email publishing over
the last few months, and I'm ready to pull it together for an Ezine-Tip, I
hope next week. I wrote about it in today's Ezine-Tip

I'd like to get some comments  here on epub (and perchance to be
republished in Ezine-Tips with your permission) on what you think "best
practices" is in email publishing. I want to go beyond the usual
conversation about getting addresses, permission and all that, although
that's a key ingredient, but it seems as if everybody talks only about
getting addresses and permission and not much about other aspects of email

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[epub] Need input for best practices Janet Roberts
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