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[epub] RE: Need input for best practices
>but it seems as if everybody talks only about
>getting addresses and permission and
>not much about other aspects of email

>So, tell me what you think some
>"best practices" are for any aspect of
>email publishing.

Hi Janet, et al~

One best practice that I see can be leveraged more
is the composition of the ezine's subject line.
For example, a best practice would be to have your
ezine name in [brackets] followed by a clear
subject name.  Another would be to have
a compelling subject line that doesn't sound like
Here's an article on subject line composition
for those who are interested

Another best practice I've seen is to develop a
relationship with your readers (e.g. the way you
almost always solicit feedback and perspectives in E-T)

Also, consistency of publication is essential.  Nothing
worse than an ezine you sub to disappearing for 2 months,
out of sight out of mind, suddenly showing up in your inbox, Monday
morning along with 150 other emails. Show me the unsubscribe
button! I think publishers get burned out after a while.
(Here's a list of pointers to avoid burnout )

Looking forward to seeing what everyone else
has to say on this issue.

Lisa Micklin

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[epub] Need input for best practices Janet Roberts
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