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[epub] Blahhhgs replacing email
> The discussion about blogs 
> >possibly replacing email is becoming a hotter topic now. What do you all 
> >think? Will blogs replace email

Dawn's post about Blahhhging instead of doing a regular newsletter has
me worried that quality newsletters may give in and go the route of
blabbing, rather than writing. I host Dawn's syndicated
MicroEnterpriseJournal news feed at WebSite101 and would really hate to
lose it.

Blogs are only web pages created in a different way. You put it online
and it becomes a web page, just like the web page you created in HTML or
WYSIWYG editor and uploaded via FTP. Blogs drop out the FTP step but are
still web pages. 

The extra step of distributing that newsletter in plain text is what is
dropped when you stop publishing a regular email newsletter. If we keep
dropping steps, we become less publishers and more blabbers doing stream
of consciousness blather rather than well researched articles.

I often regret things said quickly and without research and analysis to
back them up. Why is that approach even considered by serious journalists?

Dawn, please don't give in to the temptation to simply talk to your
keyboard about small business issues.  Writing requires more coherent
thought than that required to just type as various random thoughts
occur. I truly believe that quality suffers when Blahhhging, er, blabbing.

Mike Banks Valentine
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