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[epub] Reporting Thieves
Hello everyone,

I've been lurking since I joined a few weeks ago, and I hope one of you
bright folks can help me. I recently started my weekly marketing ezine,
MarketingIdeaShop BRAINY Tidbits, and my list is growing steadily. My
website finally went up on July 21 after two months of hard work.

On Friday, July 25, I found out that someone apparently used my domain name
as a "return address" for a terrible spam that went out to
I-don't-know-how-many people around the world confirming an order for
advertising materials. Attached was a computer virus/worm. The return
address was sales@ my domain name, an address I have never used (although I
do have a catchall email system, so some were returned to me before I had 
my webmaster "turn off" the address so that any mail to that address would

I have not been flamed by anyone. I did receive one phone call questioning
the "order" and consequently, I was able to take care of the immediate

So here are the questions: (1) How do I check if my domain name is on a
"spammers" list as a result of this situation, (2) what, if anything, do I
need to do to protect myself, and (3) to whom should I report the problem?
It seems like this would be something that should be reported to the FBI and
others, but I don't know how to do this. Can you help?

Lois Carter Fay, APR
Publisher, "MarketingIdeaShop BRAINY Tidbits" Weekly Ezine
Brainy marketing ideas and resources for small businesses
Voice +1.540.289.3840 or +1.800.203.8660
Email lcf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / Web

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[epub] Re: Reporting Thieves Reagan D. Lynch
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