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[epub] Re: Virus problems - how they affect the publisher
The thing is, the email might not even be getting sent from your PC.

"A" virus may have "hijacked" YOUR email address from SOMEONE
else's address book - that someone could be your subscriber,
a friend, or a client, or even a spa`mmer - and using your address
randomly as the "FROM" address to send out millions of emails
(sometimes containing harmful attachments, which is why it gets bounced
back by the recipient's mail servers - many have have virus protection in place - and thus bounces back to you - since technically, you were the sender).

So, there is truly no way of stopping this - but you could take
the usual precautions of protecting your email addresses
on your web site and while posting to third-party newsletters
and forums online.


Ravi Jayagopal
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