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[epub] Change to list and whitelisting request
Hi everybody!

With all of the bizarre things happening to email with the Sobig.F virus, I've had to change the headers for this list. Previously, messages sent from the list were shown with the sender's name and email address in the From: line. I've changed the list to show messages coming from epub instead. This means two things:

1. Please, please identify yourself in your posts. Perhaps because your names and/or email addresses were listed once some of you have not been providing your names on your posts. Now you must. I will send back any post that doesn't have a name or email address on it somewhere.

2. Although it's probably too late to mention this, you MUST whitelist the sending address if you use SpamArrest, MailWiper, Mailblocks or any other challenge-response email service. Members who post and then get verification requests are not required to verify their addresses to other list members. Please be considerate and save everyone's time.

This is the sending address: epub@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

As long as I have your attention, I might as well dust off and repeat two other list rules:

1. Plain text only, if humanly possible. NO multi part or MIME postings.
2. Limit sigs to six lines plus your name. At least three other lists have cut the sig length to one line. I don't want to do that, but 24 lines in a sig line for a two-line post is not going to fly.

If you receive any strange emails, either from the list (or apparently from the list) or from members or from strangers in response to your posts here, please forward them to me for the time being, so we can track down the problems. A couple of you have gotten some bizarre messages; if something is up with the list, we need to know about it.

Thanks again, and back to our regularly scheduled discussions!

epub moderator

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[epub] Re: Change to list and whitelisting request epub
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