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[epub] Follow-up autoresponders
I asked a while ago about this. I've been looking at suggestions, and I've tried a fr'ee cgi script to get the idea, but it doesn't work well. Mainly I think because my host doesn't allow CRON. The page with my "trigger" on gets plenty of hits each day, but my test mailings don't work properly - I don't get the full series, my database doesn't show the test email addresses that I've subscribed with, and I'm getting a blank email (which should show me a mailing has gone out) even though the mailing itself doesn't appear. This script is a version of one that I've seen for sale in many places on the net.

I'm considering the paid versions, including Will Bontragers (I know his stuff works, and his instructions are easy), but I'm wondering if this is a problem with my hosting, as most of the paid options use the same type of "trigger" as the one I'm using now for hosts that don't allow CRON.

Basically I'm wondering if my money would be better spent on GetResponse or similar.

So if any of you are on CRON-fr'ee hosts, and have any comments, I'd be glad to read them.


Dianne Reuby<><

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