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[epub] Re: List Archives?
At 04:37 PM 9/16/2003 -0400, Scott Wolfington wrote:

I just subscribed to this list today. Is there a way to view an archive of past messages? I'd like to do this before asking some question that has
probably been answered dozens of times. Thanks!

Hi Scott:

Welcome to epub! For those on the list who have not heard of BoogieTools, Scott's company designs email bounce-management systems. You have to love a place where "Boogie" is part of the company name.

Scott, you'll find the link to the epub archives here:

This link is in the message header and footer in each epub message. If you're not seeing it in either place, or both, let me know.

Janet Roberts
epub moderator

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[epub] Re: List Archives? Scott Wolfington
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[epub] List Archives? Scott Wolfington
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