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[epub] Re:How To Start
Where are the guidelines? I looked around the site a while and didn't find them.

Doug Lipman

At 2:28 PM -0500 9/16/03, Clarissa 'kiki' Frampton wrote:

You need to specify how new you are and exactly what it is you want to

If you do not have an online business but want one, my suggestion would be
to read the discussion lists. Ask questions to those of us whose business
attracts you. Go to an ezine directory and subscribe to a few ezines that
interest you and READ them. Read ads and respond to the ones you like.
Always check out a business before committing to them.

If you are advertising a business online it is essential to read the FTC
guidelines found at . Yes, there have been many
changes online and quickly changing again...for the better I hope!

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[epub] Re:How To Start Clarissa 'kiki' Frampton
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