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[epub] RE: Ezine Relaunch
Denise wrote:
>I know asking subscribers to re-sign up for my ezine is probably the best
direction  to go to protect myself.  At the same time, I still feel
after having spent so much time to build a subscriber base of 1,000, to know
may have to start from scratch.

I have  a specific question as to when I do send out my relaunch
announcement.  Where in the announcement would you mention that they need to
re-subscribe? <


I agree with the list. You do need to ask your subscribers to join
again...not only to avoid being called a spammer, but also because email
addresses change so frequently and the recent increase in spam filtering
software, you may never know if an address is valid or not.

To answer your question, I would include the resubscribe note at the
beginning and the end of the announcement, set off so that it is clearly
visible. People like the personal touch in their communications, so be sure
to include a note right up front in the announcement that tells them why you
have not been publishing, why you are starting again, and that you are
committed to your schedule.

Hype the new, revised ezine. Tell your readers why they will benefit from
resubscribing. What are the top 10 (playing off Letterman) reasons they
should resubscribe? Do you have any freebies you can send them for signing
up again? Can you write one short little article to include to give them a
taste of what they will get when they sign up?

Good luck to you!
Lois Carter Fay, APR
Publisher, "MarketingIdeaShop BRAINY Tidbits" Weekly Ezine
Brainy ideas & resources for marketers & small businesses

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