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[epub] Event on 30th October - The Future of Digital Publishing
On Thursday 30th October 2003 I am running a gathering of publishers and others involved in the publishing world in Central London, UK. The event is an informal get-together to discuss the impact the Internet is and could have on the publishing world. During the couple of hours we'll discuss:

What role does the traditional publisher have to play?

Are writers truly empowered by the eBook?

How are some publishers using the Internet to support the printed word?

Who is stronger - author or publisher?

The evening will start with a brief introductory presentation to start the ball rolling, after which discussion and debate will be encouraged.

Admission is free, but you'll have to buy your own beer. It is an off-the-record event, so no reporting please, and no sales pitches either. This about the industry as a whole rather than individuals.

If you'd like to come along please visit and contact me from there.

Hope to see a few of you soon.


Ross ;-))

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