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[epub] Re: Event on 30th October - The Future of Digital Publishing
Just a couple of replies to people on and off list.

Summary of the event:

Yes I will be producing notes and I will post them here in the group.

Web camming:

Can't get the venue hooked up is the main reason, but there is a secondary one. I've found web cam participants **very** distracting for people in the room to the point of breaking down the networking. As my focus is people in meatspace I'll stick to people in meatspace!


Only to those who register I'm afraid. I ran one of these networking events a couple of years ago on a regular basis. The first time I put the venue out in the public domain I got a bunch of sales people raiding the place, literally flying around handing out business cards that annoyed **everyone**, followed by a would-be "Girl Band" trying to promote themselves.

Oh, and London because that's where I live!!!!


Why do I do it without charging? First, because the wine bar makes a lot of money from these evening events, so they don't charge me. Second, because I'm a really nice bloke. But third is because (let's face it) it is good PR. However, I run these things from the point of view of people trying to network and learn, not be sold to.

See a few of you there.

Ross ;-))

Ross Hall,
Information and Knowledge Management Consultant

+44 (0)20 8902 0618
28 Dalmeny Close, Wembley, HA0 2EU, United Kingdom

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[epub] Re: Event on 30th October - The Future of Digital Publishing Lois Carter Fay/Marketing Idea Shop
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