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[epub] Re: AOL
At 18:36 2003-10-07, Ross Hall wrote:
Regarding the ongoing problem with AOL blocking legit eMails....

I contacted AOL a few days back after I checked to see what was
happening. It looked like they were blocking messages from a couple of
domains I own and operate.

If you contact them off of their website (and be prepared for a fair
few "page not found - redirecting you" type messages) they do appear to
at least try and unblock you.

I'm glad to hear that you at least got some success in contacting them, the biggest ISP in Sweden, Telia, apparently got blocked due to some of their customers having insecure (windows) machines together with open relays being hosts for spammers and viruses and Telia had no apparent luck to get in contact with AOL, though I don't doubt that it also could've been Telia's fault, as their organization isn't the fastest and most efficient in the business.

How successful this is I guess only time will tell, but I have been
advising my clients to keep a careful eye on their AOL traffic,
particularly if they are users. I've already had anecdotal evidence of
legitimate instructions to make amendments to a contract not getting

What ISP do you use for connectivity to the internet? When the issue of ALL mail-traffic from Telia getting blocked was resolved, the computers that ran in Telia's network weren't able to host their own smtp-servers for example. This I noticed when trying to send email to AOL (and some other american ISPs), which I resolved by having my ISPs main smtp-server stand as a "smartrelay" in my mailserver's configuration.

Maybe the above could be something for you and others Ross?!

/ H

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