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[epub] Re: AOL
At 19:17 2003-10-08, Doug Lipman wrote:
At 2:32 AM +0200 10/8/03, Henrik Leghissa wrote:

When the issue of ALL mail-traffic from Telia getting blocked was
resolved, the computers that ran in Telia's network weren't able to
host their own smtp-servers for example. This I noticed when trying
to send email to AOL (and some other american ISPs), which I
resolved by having my ISPs main smtp-server stand as a "smartrelay"
in my mailserver's configuration.

Maybe the above could be something for you and others Ross?!

Can you explain this a little more? Are you saying that your outgoing email goes from your domain's SMTP server to your ISP's SMTP server somehow?

Yes exactly.

An example if you are using sendmail:

open "/etc/mail/mailertable" and add the following line for example

(it's not harder than that! :-))

If you want to use your isp's email-server for ALL emails going from your own smtp-server (also sendmail):

open "/etc/mail/" and then add the following line:


and after you saved your changes, rebuild the configuration by doing this:
"m4 /etc/mail/ > /etc/"

Restart sendmail, and presto!

/ H

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