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[epub] Re: a few ideas for Denise
Hi, Everyone ...

I am back again!  I want to thank everyone for all your suggestions about 
ezine ads and mailing list managers.  Besides having a mailing list distribution 
problem with my web host (which finally got resolved after they realized that 
some of the configurations got corrupted), my computer has been crashing 
non-stop for the last couple of weeks).  The latter is what has prevented me from 
responding sooner.

I am going to print out all your suggestions and incorporate them in my 
promotion strategies.  With regard to your suggestions about mailing list 
management alternatives, I know it is something I need to look into eventually, even 
though my web host's mailing list feature is working fine for now.

My question:  for those that suggested investing in mailing list software, 
can you explain how you connect that software to the forms on your web site?  I 
am as non techie as they get, so I am abit hesitant to take on another project 
that is not my strength or could chew up alot of time to learn.  For those of 
you that are non-techies as well :)), I would appreciate any feedback if you 
are currently using your own software to manage/distribute your ezine.

Denise Corcoran
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