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[epub] laws for e-marketing&target area questions (worldwide)

As I'm working on a project where I am including information about laws that will affect us who deal with electronic marketing I now wonder the following;


The state of California just enforced a law when it comes to handle spammers; What are the general rules of this law - i.e. what base does it stand upon, what are the penalty scales?

What is allowed and whats is not? It is "opt-in" that goes, right? How does one as a marketer / publisher "prove" that one did not send un-solicited emails i.e. spam?

Where-in lays the burden of proof? (Probably at the one sending out the information, right?!)

Is there federal law when it comes to battling un-solicited emails (to protect to the end-consumer)

What about the state of Florida? It's world-known to be a home for spam, how is their spamming laws built up? Are there any at all? (and are they being inforced if so?)

If there are a federal law when it comes to un-solicited emails, can any state over-ride this by their own? (the last question is coming from a non-american being curious)


The second part of this email goes about the same questions as the above, though when it comes to the EU?


How about the asian market? There is a lot of spam coming from these places, and not only by smtp-servers set to "open-relay".

How does the laws differ within the indidvual countries?

Second part of the "Asian-block";
What countries could be targeted as a potential market for information services? (for the above my theories are for english speaking information; Singapore, Japan and South Korea, and for local languages China, Taiwan and Malaysia.


This was everything for now, I'll return with more inquiries and thoughts.

Thanks in advance, I'm looking forward for your replies. :-)

/ H

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