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[epub] Re: laws for e-marketing & HEADS-UP
At 08:03 PM 11/11/2003 +1100, Dr. Mani wrote:

Ross, when it's one of your first 100 posts, it's an ad.  When it's among
the 500 plus posts one makes over 6 years of membership, it sort of
becomes accepted as a message.

Comment, Janet?

Yeah, that's about the size of it. Dr. Mani has been a regular contributor here for a long time. This is not a license for people to write in and do nothing but promote their businesses, but I do recognize that many of us are single-person shops or small-business owners, which is why we allow people to post promotional information in their sigs as long as they keep them to 6 lines or fewer.

While I have your attention, everyone who publishes a newsletter or keeps a mailing list might want to check it for a troublemaker I just removed. The person's name is SpamWarDotPansen and the email address is WarDotPansen@xxxxxxxxxxx . This person apparently styles himself/herself as an antispammer, because he/she yesterday sent email signed Greedz and allegedly asking for product information to a contact list that included a number of our EmailUniverse email addresses, including the one I use for posting to epub. I also spotted a number of epub members' addresses in the CC: field that this person was (luckily) dumb enough to use for the mailing.

I searched our database and found this same email address subscribed to almost every one of our email newsletters, and the person sent the goofy email to each of those newsletter sending addresses. I removed that address from our database.

If anybody gets a weird spam that looks as if it might have an epub connection, forward it to me ASAP off the list. I found and deleted another spammer yesterday.

epub moderator

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[epub] Re: laws for e-marketing & HEADS-UP Dr.Mani Sivasubramanian
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