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[epub] Re: laws for e-marketing & HEADS-UP
Yeah, that's about the size of it. Dr. Mani has been a regular contributor here for a long time. This is not a license for people to write in and do nothing but promote their bus

Thanks, Janet :)

While I have your attention, everyone who publishes a newsletter or keeps a mailing list might want to check it for a troublemaker I just removed. The person's name is SpamWarDotPansen and the email address is WarDotPansen@xxxxxxxxxxx .

It happened to me already!

This morning (my time, in India), I wrote to Paul Myers for advice on what
to do about this, as I wasn't sure if it was an attempt to get ME on an anti-
sp*m list!

Paul mentioned it was probably someone who had *reported* somebody else
for sp*m, and was therefore being retaliated against, by having HIS name
added onto several large email lists - a variation of being email bombed,
I guess. Frankly, I didn't quite understand it and following Paul's suggestion,
simply deleted the email.

Hope this helps

... the Ezine ANTI Marketer ;)
still no link, Ross <g>

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[epub] Re: laws for e-marketing&target area questions (worldwide) Ross Hall
[epub] Re: laws for e-marketing & HEADS-UP Janet Roberts
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