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[epub] QUERY: Posting two issues of one ezine?
Here's a question I would like to throw out to the epub audience, and, I hope, flush some of you lurkers out from the underbrush:

I see more email publishers sending their newsletters twice: in one send, they send the whole issue. In a follow-up send, either the same day or the day after, they send a short email with a link to the newsletter at their sites and a note that recipients should go to the site if they didn't get the newsletter.

I know why people do that; in case a content filter stops a newsletter because of something in the body copy, the follow-up email should have few potentially objectionable terms in it.

If you do that, do you get any measurable increase in response, readership, opens, etc.? Me, I'm not convinced of it, because I think the tide in filtering is moving to address verification and IP/ISP/domain-name blocking rather than content filters. That's what we see, anyway.

What do you folks think? Do you have any experience with this? Did you try it and then discard it? Are you thinking about it?
Inquiring minds want to know.


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