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[epub] RE: I want to Wake-Up a Sleeping List
Hi Jack-

I'm not sure what the nature of your publication is,
but one thing you may try is soliciting feedback, if
it's appropriate.

You can write directly into the content of the ezine
something like:

"I'm the new publisher, blahblahblah, It is my mission
to make this the most useful publication for you.  To
that end, would you be so kind as to send me an email
and tell me what you LOVE about this ezine, and any suggestions
of what you would like to see it evolve in to?", etc.

Of course look for that balance between warmth and
professionalism in your wording. 

An additional strategy would be to make sure that the
list is being hosted with a service that efficiently
cleans bounces so that you can get a true sense of
your list size.  It's not uncommon that folks will
migrate to our hosting system with a list of 30k, only
to find out that 5k of those addresses are bad addresses,
but their previous hosting system wasn't cleaning bounces.

Hope this helps,
Lisa Micklin

-----Original Message-----
I guess what I'm looking to do is to test the loyalty and sincerity of
the subsciber base so, I can then separate it into two different lists,
without insulting the members at the same time.

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome;

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[epub] I want to Wake-Up a Sleeping List Jack
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