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[epub] Re: QUERY: Posting two issues of one ezine?
Janet, I've thought about doing it this way, but then didn't because I couldn't
see the point.

A few days back, I ordered and am reading Maria Veloso's ebook, "Web Copy
That Sells".  One of the bonuses she offers is a nice little ebook called
"Frame of Mind Marketing" which describes how important is a customer,
prospect or subscribers' 'frame of mind' in getting your desired response.

Your ezine subscribers are either looking for content in their email, or
are willing to find and read it on the Web.

If you want an web-zine, then all you need to do is send out an
email announcement to get readers to the site.  If your readers (or you)
wish to avoid the need to attract readers to a site, and hence deliver your
content via email (or any other feed), then the second *reminder* email
is redundant.

I for one wouldn't visit a website regularly to read an ezine, because I'm
in the 'ezines-are-email-based' frame of mind.

So the practical method would be to survey YOUR subscribers and see
what their 'frame of mind' is.  Sort of like epublishers did when HTML
ezines first became the craze.  In the beginning epubbers put out text
and HTML versions, then realized a few subscribers were getting annoyed
at 2 copies reaching them, so asked their preference.  The same sequence
might play out with this issue, as I'm beginning to get a little irritated
at the emails that go:  "Filters block out some copies of this ezine.  In
case this happened to you, please go to...", and am sure many others are

Not quite what you'd like to see over and over again, when you already
get close on 1000 emails daily, is it?

Just my 2 bits worth.

... the Ezine ANTI Marketer ;)

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[epub] QUERY: Posting two issues of one ezine? Janet Roberts
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