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[epub] Re: QUERY: Posting two issues of one ezine?

Although I don't do this for my ezine, I've spoken with lots of publishers who do. The funny thing is, they seem to do it not because it raises read or reply rates, but because they've seen others do it and it looked like a good idea.

In general, I find that publishers really don't know how many ezines get opened. Many don't use tracking links in their own ads. I believe this area of metrics will become a hot topic in 2004, and rightly so.

I don't mind getting these reminders, although I do get over 1000 emails a day, because I realize it's just someone who is trying to do their job. I know that some people will unsubscribe based on getting the second notice, but my take is that they weren't very loyal subscribers anyway if that is their position. People do have short fuses these days.

I am seeing less and less of this however. I think it will soon no longer be vogue to send these reminders.

Hope this helps.

Charlie Page
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[epub] QUERY: Posting two issues of one ezine? Janet Roberts
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