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[epub] Re: Doomsday?
> Does this really mean the end of the road for publishers of
> free opt-in newsletters who may have subscribers in
> California, unless both their newsletters and websites are
> free of advertising?

Not if they're willing to be creative.

I'm thinking of something similar myself, actually. Not so 
much because of the legal aspects, but because I'm tired of 
writing stuff and sending it to terminal freebie seekers who 
are the MOST likely to claim they were spammed, even if you 
can prove they confirmed their subscriptions.

I haven't had the kinds of problems many publishers have, but 
I'm not waiting around on some brainless dolt who thinks 
filing suit on hopped up claims is a good way to get back at 
me for having opinions he doesn't like.

I'm starting two new newsletters that will still be free, at 
least at the start. They'll both require confirmations, and 
they'll both have "Terms of Service" that subscribers will 
have to agree to.

TalkBiz News, though, WILL be changing. That's already 
decided. The only question that I haven't decided on is... how?

No. I don't think Dennis is over-reacting. I think he's 
showing sensible concern about the impact that an incredibly 
badly written law could have on him and his family.


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[epub] Doomsday? Azriel Winnett
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