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[epub] Re: Doomsday?
At 06:00 17/11/2003, epub digest wrote:

Does this really mean the end of the road for publishers of
free opt-in newsletters who may have subscribers in
California, unless both their newsletters and websites are
free of advertising?

It's crazy that I have to pay to get a great ezine from a respected internet businessman like Dennis to protect him from possible accusations of spamming, while my inbox is crammed with unsolicited emails for medical stuff, cable TV stuff, "degrees", and other rubbish. My postwoman delivers (along with one bill and one club magazine) three supermarket flyers, a credit card ad (addressed to me, but not requested by me), a take away menu, and a car insurance leaflet.

Law-makers have never managed to frame laws so that they hit the target, but I can't help feeling that if we made less fuss about spam, it wouldn't be such a problem. I'm sure most of these "people" aren't trying to sell the stuff they email me about, they're just raising a pair of digits to the system.

Dennis's last newsletter has made me think seriously about going on with my ezines.

I feel right depressed now - I think I'll go get a cup of coffee. Now where's that Gold Blend coupon that came through the door?

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