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[epub] Re: Is this why ezine advertising will die out?
What makes you think that you've run a proper test after only ONE appearance in each of the other ezines? And to compare them to your own list (which presumably has seen your message many times) is to compare apples and oranges.
We've been publishing a variety of ezines since 1996. The old marketing maxim is still true. You need to expose your offer to readers more than once to be effective. Our most successful sponsors advertise once or twice a month - every month. And have done so for years.

Gary Foreman
The Dollar Stretcher

At 06:58 PM 12/7/2003 -0600, you wrote:
I've lost faith in ezine advertising... and if anyone can make
me see the light, I'd be delighted ;)

Here's my story:

To promote my new "Ezine ANTI Marketing" system course, I placed
ads in 7 ezines and ran 1 co-op ezine ad.

The handpicked ezines included 2 *perfectly* targeted ones (where
the readership was primarily ezine publishers and marketers,
interested in income generation through email newsletters), with
subscriber counts of between 1,000 and 3,000.

The other 5 were high quality general internet marketing
newsletters with smaller circulation (500 to 5,000 subscribers).

The co-op ad went to a group of ezines, most on internet
marketing, with a combined readership of over 145,000.

I tried out different ads, including solo announcements (2
kinds, one with long copy, the other shorter), classified
ads and one top sponsor ad.  Each ad invited responders to
either visit a website or send email to an autoresponder for
more information.

In total, out of what should have been over 150,000 viewers,
just 57 people requested further information - and not one

Now contrast this with my own list - which has just 2,067
readers at this moment.  In a year-end letter to my list,
I share the numbers from my last few promotions - see this
page for more details:

To summarize, my *lowest* clickthrough rate has been 8% -
and the best was 23.4%

With a 150,000 viewer base, this means I should have got
35,000 visits (at best), or 1,200 visits (at worst).  Even
a fraction of this might be ok - but to net 57 *leads*
is pathetic, to say the least.

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