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[epub] Re: Is this why ezine advertising will die out?

You are certainly one of the most credible marketers online, but your statements don't quite add up as I see it.

Here are a few factors to consider.

1. Your product is not an inexpensive eBook that gets downloaded. It's a physical product that comes with a bit of a price tag.
2. Comparing your clicks against another publication's clicks is not an accurate comparison. If the publisher of these ezines had created the product, I'd wager that the clicks would be much higher. Your clicks were higher because it's *your* list.
3. This is a slow time for response if the product is not seasonal. Not only is there more advertising happening, but generic offers are getting less play across the board. And, of course, every marketer and his dog is pushing right now. We're seeing products from people who haven't produced products the entire year.

I think the biggest factor is that your small list is small be design. That is to say, you have been developing a relationship with them and practicing what you preach in Ezine Anti-Marketing. Can you say with certainty that these publishers have been doing the same? If not, their small list size may indeed be a factor. Plus, you endorsed your product by default because it's your product. With smaller ezines the publishers opinion counts. In this case you didn't have that since these were not endorsed solos.

Also, it was clear that you were testing here since you used different ad sizes and looks (long copy vs. short). I would think that proven copy might have pulled a better response.

1.  Are we better off running Pay-Per-Click promotions
than ezine advertising?

No. We are best off doing both. Pay Per Click is pull advertising. That is to say that if Sam doesn't go to the Pay Per Click engine it is impossible for Sam to see your ad and click on it. Ezine advertising is push advertising which means the reader need take no action to see your ad. If Sam is a subscriber, Sam gets the ad. If the ad has a compelling subject line and is well written, Sam will read the ad. And since Sam asked to get the ezine, the odds are he will be interested if the offer is right for him at this time.

2.  Are ezine publishers justified charging $3 to $30
CPM rates for ads, unless they can GUARANTEE at least
1% response rates, if not higher?

Ezine publishers who deliver results are just as entitled to charge X per thousand as any other advertising venue. Paying a search engine 50 cents per click is the same as paying them $500 per thousand. Now that's a high CPM compared to ezines. And when one compares the click through rate on a program like Google Ad Words to ezines, one sees some interesting comparisons to how many people open and read an ezine. Except that most ezines are archived on the Net for years, where Pay Per Click ads, once viewed but not acted on, are gone forever. Kind of like buy radio advertising. The ad vanishes into the vapor.

I know of no reasonable ezine publisher that will guarantee a 1% response rate. Nor should they. First, it's impossible to prove unless the publisher supplies an ad tracker to each client. Second, you know full well that the quality of the ad is a big factor in response. Should a publisher have to explain why a poorly written ad will pull less? Should publishers be saddled with having to teach advertising basics to advertisers? Should a publisher have to guarantee the same minimum results for an ad for SFI that says "Fire your boss!" and has been seen a billion times as for a well written ad for a unique product like Ezine Anti-Marketing?

To ask publishers to guarantee results makes no sense.

3.  I've stopped running paid-ads for many years now.
I work only on endorsed mailings, in context to my
readers' interests.  Should all ezine publishers be
doing this, in the interest of better response rates?

Perhaps this is where the problem lies. If you are out of practice buying ads, and have become dependant on the *type* of response an endorsed ad brings, the problem may have been in your expectations and your execution. If your comment about "for many years now" is accurate, then your only frame of reference is that of endorsed mailings. Endorsed mailings and buying ads are indeed different.

As an advertiser, you could have asked the publishers involved to provide an endorsement. I teach all DOE members to do that instead of just paying for a solo. In many cases, what would have been a solo ad purchase becomes a Joint Venture as the publisher likes the product and endorses it for a percentage instead of the solo fee. As the creator of your product you were in the perfect position to do this.

4. Is ezine advertising dead - or dying?

Not in the least. While there have been challenges there have also been answers every step of the way. Filters presented a challenge and the market responded with services like e-Filtrate and others provided by Aweber, GetResponse, et. al. As it became harder to capture the attention of readers, thoughtful people created products like Ezine Anti-Marketing to teach us that smaller lists can be wildly profitable. As blogs heated up then cooled off, wise publishers recognized them for what they are, an important supplement to ezines.

Ezine advertising is alive and quite well. I buy ads every week from publishers in the Directory and those ads are profitable over 92% of the time.

My answers, in light of recent experience, would be
"Yes - No - Yes - Yes".

What do YOU think?

While I have the utmost respect for you personally and professionally, I think you are comparing apples and oranges here, and your skills as an advertiser may be just a little rusty.

Thanks for listening.

Charlie Page
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