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[epub] RE: Spam law aftermath?
At 05:10 PM 12/8/03 -0600, you wrote:
Do you know for a fact that CAN-SPAM will override the California law?
Many federal laws allow states to pass stricter statutes, and CA is
particularly well known for doing so (for instance, on vehicle emissions
standards). I'm not saying you're wrong---I really have no idea (but
would like to know!)---I just want to make sure we aren't making an
assumption that all federal laws override all state laws...

All federal laws don't override all state laws but, in this instance, one of the provisions the marketing industry insisted on was that this federal law would.

In fact, one of the justifications for having a federal law to begin with was to have a single set of rules for commercial email senders to use because the growing mish mash of state laws was getting to be a compliance problem.


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