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[epub] Re: Is this why ezine advertising will die out?
Gary, I understand what you're saying - but don't entirely agree

The hard numbers are really pretty simple. The sponsors keep spending money with us every month to place their ads in our ezines. That's really the only number that matters.

To the ezine publisher/editor, yes. But *not* to the sponsor/advertiser. There are many reasons a sponsor may keep spending money.

Here are just 2 examples:

  * S/he may not be tracking results (in spite of all the advice,
a very small fraction of marketers really track their campaigns),

  * S/he may not want to antagonize (or wish to keep friendly
relationships) with an ezine publisher (many a time, I've *not* asked
for a refund, even when a product or service did not impress me,
because I wanted to retain a positive relationship with the person behind

Just to say a sponsor/advertiser keeps spending money with an ezine
does not always equate to effective ezine advertising!

You're right about challenging old maxims. But, it's also foolish to ignore them without evidence that they no longer are true.

Absolutely. "Evidence" is the key word. In ezine advertising, it's the numbers. That's what I'm looking for. Anyone on the list willing to share yours?

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