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[epub] Re: How to launch a newsletter?

First you need to decide if your publication is going to generate an income
for you or if you want to just be a hobby zine offering information only.

has low cost autoresponders set up for ezine delivery for as low as $2.00
per month

I use because I need hosting as well, and for hosting and
the mailer I feel this is very low cost.

You do not "need" a website, but having one has advantages. You can list
with the search engines and drive traffic to your site so people can
subscribe, if you have products to sell you have a "home" to place them on.
The website can be an extension to your ezine, where your ezine is a small
size you can direct readers to your website for additional information.
Trading links with others will boost your ratings with the searchengines and
will get more people to your website...thus...more subscribers.

You want to be listed in directories so people can subscribe to your ezine.
Just another great form of promotion. Yes the free listings do work. Reading
ezines is just as important for you as a publisher. Reading ezines will help
you create a good ezine, know where to promote, how to promote and give you
the answers you need to publish a great zine.

Clarissa 'kiki' Frampton

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