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[epub] Re: How to launch a newsletter?

I use Topica, so you won't be interested in that! For promotion, I've found SubscriptionRocket the best way of getting subscribers. It's targeted, so people are interested. Also the pop-up only appears once to each visitor - you can have it on every page, but it will only pop up once.

Another method I use is to have something on my site that people want to use - in my case, John Gergye's SEO Wizard quiz. They then get a chance to sign up for my ezine. (They also get a chance to sign up for John's report - that's why he allows his quiz to be used.)

These two methods need a website, of course. When I started my second ezine, I used WorldCast from to merge my current ezine list, and my ebook download list, and email them asking if they'd like to subscribe. (WorldCast removed the duplicates, which is why I used it rather than just mail my two lists separately.)

Hope these help.

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