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[epub] Missing ezines
Hi all - I'm hoping someone can throw some light on this minor irritation!

I run two plain text ezines, using Topica (fr'ee) service. The one I have problems with is for new webmasters, telling them about fr'ee tools and resources. When I set up the site and ezine, it was before the spam wars started, so calling them Fr'ee Site Builder and Fr'ee Site Builder Update seemed logical.

I create my ezine in NoteTab, and send a copy to myself by email to check for typos, and unclosed AOL links. I run WinXP HE, Eudora 6. I get both ezines into by Inbox immediately. This (and the unpleasant rubbish I receive every day!) makes me assume that my ISP (ntl:world) doesn't filter.

When I send my ezines, I don't get the FSB Update. I also send a "your ezine has been sent - read it online here if it hasn't reached you" mailing after I've updated my website with the latest ezine copy - usually a couple of hours. I don't get the one for the FSB ezine, although the other arrives OK.

When I started, I was getting copies OK - this has been happening for about four months. I've been trying to work it out - now I'm turning to the experts :) I keep the word "fr'ee" to a minimum, and use a tilde or single quote, as I have here - but of course it appears in any links to my site. Could it be that it's filtered by Topica? If so, why doesn't the short notice arrive - although again I have to use "fr'ee" in the link to the online copy, that one instance is the only time I use it.

Your thoughts are welcome - TIA.

Dianne Reuby
First Web Builder
Swindon Virtual Office
Free Site Builder

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