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[epub] Re: Spam filters
At 4/7/2004 03:24 PM -0500, you wrote:
Hi all,

When I send out my ezines, I'm getting more responses from the spam filters - "You emailed [name]. Click here to be added to his whitelist" type of thing. As both my lists are quite small, it's not a real problem yet. But do you reply to these mails? If not, presumably the ezine that they've signed up for (I use Topica, double opt-in) won't reach them. But I can't imagine that ezine writers with huge lists are going to the effort of clicking those links.

What do the rest of you do?


We are unwilling to spend the time necessary to click through such requests. So we just ignore them -- they'll either white list us or their subscription will expire in a few months (our subscriptions require a one-click renewal every six months to continue receiving the ezine).

In discussions on this subject that I've lurked on, some publishers think it's worth the effort because one of those might turn out to be a customer. Other publishers think it's not their responsibility to help subscribers clean their contact lists and that those too lazy to white list publications they asked to receive really aren't ideal subscribers anyway.

We lean toward the latter.


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