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[epub] Re: Spam filters
<< I only read 1 of those I get requesting me to tap on an URL and I
don't do it every week I get it.  However, I skim or read a majority of
the newsletters I receive where the whole ezine is in my Inbox. >>

Maria ---

Is this true whether it's a plain-text Ezine or an HTML ezine? i.e. With
the latter, you need to remain connected to the internet to view it
properly, whereas with the all-inside-the-message text-only format, you
can download it and read it off-line. Does the format make a difference
to your behavior?


What I can tell you is my ezine contains two pictures and it would not
matter if my readers didn't see either of them.  It would be helpful if my
readers were on the Internet, to be able to click on the links to my
teleclasses or resources I provide.  If they do click on a link and they're
not online, it will let them know.

Most of the Internet Guru's send out their messages in text only.  I think
that says something.

But the final decision is between you and your readers.  Ask them what they
prefer... I do - and I do it yearly.

Best of success and lots of joy,
Maria Marsala
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