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[epub] New layout... Feedback requested
Howdy folks,

I hired a small army of techs, programmers and HTML coders to tear the entire Network house down and rebuild it from scratch. Honestly, the 30+ sites got out of my control with literally over 125,000+ pages of content from multiple site acquisitions dating back to 1998 and varying formats, dysfunctional databases, etc.. So, we settled on a design that is PHP/MySQL based and have been re-organizing all of the links. The job is far from finished, but the deadline for our re-launch is June 1st.

We have another 3 weeks of framing the new sites up, but while we are studding the HTML 2x4's, reinforcing the pre-built template CSS frames, and testing scripts to death -- I'd like to ask for your feedback, suggestions and advice as to how we could improve the value of the Network to you?

You can send your suggestions to: suggestions@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks in advance!

Chris Knight, MUD till June 1st. Network

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