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[epub] Re: Trademark violation

Alrighty Then!



If they actually had the legal right to that name (and indeed, HAD a legal department),

They would not deal with you but have the legal eagles respond.


“Having an intention to publish” does not grant one automatic copyright.

I have over 20 domain names registered and I have “IDEAS” for dozens of books and products related to those websites,

but I can’t claim ownership of those phrases in my head. (would be good fun, though!)


Consider this, very often, specially in the field of self-help/self-development and business books there are many books with similar (or SAME) titles

published by major publishers. If you add ebooks and self-published stuff, the overlaps are quite amazing.
Yet they co-exist (with different ISBN numbers –of course), because often the books with similar titles have different subject matter or approaches.


This is somebody trying to acquire useable, marketable names and hoping to make some money out of nuisance claims.

Even Internic (the domain name overseeing body) wouldn’t entertain claims of “ownership” [re:cybersquatting] based on someone who has

just acquired the domain name fairly recently..


(Again, this is NOT legal or professional advice, but I would:

A)     Just ignore him; or,

B)     “Life’s too short” tweak the name of my pubs to something slightly different.) (You obviously can’t do this to someone else‘s masthead)).


Harry Neelam





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